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Arduino Digital Read Out

I recently had opportunity to resurrect my Harbor Freight X2 Mini Mill CNC conversion.  I had previously installed a digital read out (DRO) by using the cheap “chinese” scales and the Yadro software.

The Yadro software worked well, but required a DOS PC to run it on.  Thinking there might be a better option out out their in late 2013, not wanting to dedicate an entire PC to such a simple task, and error codes coming from my dusted off Yadro board led me to a fire off a quick google search.

I stumbled upon Yuriy’s “Do It Yourself DRO Project“.  It’s a beautiful concept, employing an Arduino Uno, a handful of components and an Android tablet as the display.  I imagine I have enough components in my parts drawer to assemble it.  And it will give me a use for the Ollie’s special Android tablet I have sitting around.

Stay tuned for a new post, while I venture off on another new build.